Justice4moriori is a culmination of frustration, abhorrance, amazement, admiration and determination.

treaty-settleJustice4moriori is our way of providing support for the Moriori people and documenting the process that they are re-enduring with the Crown in 2016 onwards. We are determined to make sure that they are treated with the respect that they deserve and that they are given justice after 181 years of the most vile abuses and racial disparity that New Zealand has ever seen.

This “clean green” “multi-cultural” inclusive little country of ours is stained with the blood of this people…… and we are so guilty that we do not even talk about what happened to them. We dont teach about it, we dont learn about it, we dont acknowledge it and we certainly dont do anything to fix it or make amends for it.

Most adults know about it, but choose not to deal with it. And if someone does,…. what a downer that is! If you dont agree with the re-iteration of bullshit and misinformation, then you will be faced with a passive audience that spits it out and rinses to get rid of the taste once the discussion is over. And they will certainly NOT take it on board.


One of the rules for contributing to this website and its discussions is that you must NOT be of Moriori extraction. Thats right. No Moriori allowed. Why? Because then anyone who reads this will not be able to blame the commentary or articles on Moriori. If you areĀ  Moriori, please bear with us, dont be offended, we are simply trying to help turn the tide. If you really feel strongly about contributing, do it on the facebook page and we will pick it up anyway. Give the rest of the country the opportunity to express what they think and lets get some conversations started. If people keep silent, they will never understand.

This is a blog for New Zealanders to express their views about what needs to happen moving forward. We want to educate the uneducated about the truth of what has happened, but we really want you to focus on and contribute to what needs to happen for justice to occur. We don’t need you beating up on Moriori over them stating what they want or what they deserve?

All comments and articles are published “by the editor” (anonymously) rather than by the contributor. That allows contributors to freely say what they think, it allows the editors (us) to “modify” the negative stuff (and you wouldn’t believe the racist abuse this site receives!) and it enables us to keep it all neat and tidy and focused on the issues. We delete any nonsense and try to keep the conversation on track. When you comment, we see your contact details- but no-one else will.

Tell us what you think. What should Moriori try and achieve out of this treaty settlement? Should they demand 97% of their islands back? Should they expect to be repaid for 181 years of Chatham Islands revenue? Should this be a small settlement – based on the Moriori population, or is current population irrelevant to what they are owned?

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